How to run cucumber-jvm project as Java application using Eclipse IDE

20 October, 2015
Run the entire cucumber-jvm project as Java application with Eclipse:

1: Right click on the project and select "Run Configurations"

2: Under the Java Application Launch Perspective, press the 'New' button to create new "Java Application" execution.

3: Under the "Main" tab....
3.1 Enter your Project name in the "Project:" field....
3.2 Enter "cucumber.api.cli.Main" without quotes for the "Main class" field..

4: Under the tab for "Arguments"
4.1 For "Program Arguments", enter...

--glue com.your.glue.location
--plugin pretty

4.2 Under "VM Arguments..."

if you want to pass in system parameters, do so here

This will turn on java assert() statements, which is need to allow the Then steps to throw assertion exceptions if the code a test is testing is broken.

STEPS 1 - 4 will be saved so you will not have to repeat them again.

5. Click the "Run" button.


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