Selenium-TestNG-Java Interview Questions

06 April, 2014
WebDriver Questions
What is Selenium WebDriver?
Explain about selenium architecture ?
Is WebElement an interface or a class?
FirefoxDriver is class or an interface and from where is it inherited?
Which is the super interface of WebDriver?
What are the languages supported by WebDriver?
What are the drawbacks of Webdriver?
What are the different exceptions you get when working with WebDriver?
What technical issues did you face in selenium ?

What is Selenium RC and WebDriver. What is the difference in them ?
How do you read data from excel?
How do you handle popups?
Different types of locators?
Selenium function used for retrieving the attribute or value?
What do you mean by Object oriented programming. How is it used in selenium?
How to Integrate Jenkins Hudson integration with selenium for running the scripts in schdule time?
How to do web service testing using selenium webdriver ?
What is Xpath?
What is // and / in xpath?
Which selenium version ur working?
How can we do Iphone and Android app testing in selenium?
How to draw an annotation(s) on map using selenium webdriver?
How to handle filedownload in ie and chrome ?
How to handle silver light objects ?
How to extract data from webtable or weblist, store it in a file and sort the file ?
Can we schedule the execution of test cases ?
What are reflection api and how are they used in selenium ?
What is Selenium IDE?
How do you verify if the checkbox/radio is checked or not?
How to get the href of a link / get the source of image?
Count the number of links in a page?
How to check all checkboxes in a page?
How do you handle browser popup??
How do you handle elements present inside frame?
How do you handle Javascript alert/confirmation popup?
How do you launch IE/chrome browser?
What is the difference between findElement and findElements?
How do you achieve synchronization in WebDriver?
Explain implicit and explicit wait?
How to execute selenium webdriver tests after completion and deployment of build thru Jenkins?
Give two examples of functionality that cannot be properly tested with automated testing software?
List the advantage/disadvantages: Selenium WebDriver Vs QTP ?
What is inheritance in Java? How is it applied in Selenium?
What is Robot class?
How do you verify that the given list of numbers on a web page is sorted in ascending order?
How to verify the presence of the success message on a page?
How to check if a text is highlighted on the page?
What is the selenium's recording language?
How do you handle Ajax controls using selenium?
How to get the title of the page?
How do u get the width of the textbox?
How do u get the attribute of the web element?
How to check whether a text is underlined or not?
How to change the URL on a webpage using selenium web driver?
How to verify the presence of tooltips for a link?
How to hover the mouse on an element?
What is the use of getOptions() method?
What is the use of deSelectAll() method?
What is the difference between close() and quit()?
What is the difference between getWindowHandles() and getWindowHandle() ??
What is the use of contextClick() ?
How to press Shift+Tab?
How to perform double click using webdriver?
What is the use of AutoIt?
How to type text in a new line inside a text area?
How to switch back from a frame?
What is the use of getPageSource()?
Can you handle flash using web driver?
How do you send ENTER/TAB keys in webdriver?
How do you take screen shot??
How to send ENTER/TAB keys in WebDriver?
Example for method overload in WebDriver?
How do you upload a file?
How do you simulate browser back and forward?
How do get typed text from a textbox??
What are the limitations of Selenium IDE?
What are the browsers supported by Selenium IDE?
How do you clear the contents of a textbox in selenium?
What are the advantages of selenium webdriver??
What is webdriver backed selenium??
What is Selenium Grid?
How to get the number of frames on a page?
How to verify that an element is not present on a page?
How do you simulate scroll down action?
What is annotations?
How do you differentiate check box if more than one check box is existed in your application?
How to perform right click using WebDriver?
How do perform drag and drop using WebDriver?
How do you get the current page URL?
Difference between Assert and Verify?
How do you click on a menu item in a drop down menu?
How do you work with page onload authentication popup / windows based popup?
What is the alternate way to click on login button?
How to run the test script in selenium on specific time?
What to do at very first if you want to start a Selenium automation tool in your project?
What is the use of Class HtmlUnitDriver and when we have to use the Class HtmlUnitDriver
What is the difference between client-server application and web application?
How will you run 1000 test cases and generate reports ?
What are user extensions ?
How do find the xpath??
How do u connect to database ?
How to schedule selenium suite using RC and WebDriver ?
How do you run your automated tests on Mutliple browsers ?
How to handle certification error ?
What is most difficult challenge you have faced in automating a web application ?

TestNG Questions
What is TestNG?
What are the features of TestNG?
What are the advantages of TestNG over Junit?
Give examples of some of the annotations supported by TestNG?
What are the benefits of using annotations?
What are the different ways in which TestNG can be invoked?
What is testng.xml file used for?
What is test suite?
How can you disable a test in TestNG?
What is group test?
What is exception test?
What is dependency test?
What is difference between dependsOnGroups and dependsOnMethods?
What is parametric testing?
How do you pass parameters with testng.xml?
What is dataproviders?
What are different ways in which you can generate the reports of TestNg results?

Framework Questions
Which framework you have used in your project?
What is Hybrid framework?
Different components of your framework?
Can you explain the Framework flow with a diagram?
How is the failure handled in your framework?
What kind of reports are generated by your framework?

Java Questions
What class should be extended to use Serialization?
What is list and set?
what is hash table?
what is iterator?
Tell me about binary search?
Tell me about buble sort?
How will you convert integer to String and String to integer in Java ?
How to compare Text (not Html strings ) ?
What are Web Services?
What is SOAP and REST?
Difference between http and https?
What is the difference between Throw and Throws statement?
Difference between Set and Map ?
Define Class-object relationship.
How to create constant values in java?
What is Auto boxing and Unboxing?
What is the difference between Throw and Throws statement?
What is immutability in java?
Difference between Serialization and synchronization?
What is the difference between Checked and Unchecked exceptions?
What are Java Annotations?
Difference between Array and ArrayList.
What is the base class of all classes?

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