Performance testing using Selenium WebDriver

09 April, 2014
For a smooth user experience it is necessary to optimize the performance of web applications.

Capturing important information like the time taken for page load, rendering of the elements,and the JavaScript code execution, helps in identifying the areas where performance is not as expected.

At times, third-party controls, images, and media content also hamper the performance. Using Selenium WebDriver and various other tools in conjunction, we can measure the performance and rectify the performance issues. There are many APIs and tools that we can integrate with the Selenium WebDriver for measuring the performance of the client-side user interaction.

We will see examples in this blog which uses the Selenium WebDriver for testing the client-side performance. We shall discuss the following techniques to measure the performance.

1. Measuring performance with timer. Click here to see the implementation.
2. Measuring performance with Navigation Timing API. Click here to see the implementation.
3. Measuring performance with BrowserMob proxy. Click here to see the implementation.
4. Measuring performance with dynaTrace. Click here to see the implementation.

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