How much Java knowledge is required to learn Selenium

07 April, 2014
Selenium supports many programming languages like Java,Python,Ruby,PHP, and many more through Selenium Remote Control drivers. There are libraries made for each language. Refer to the SeleniumHQ site for great documentation exists to learn Selenium. If you decide to use Java client driver of Selenium, then you need to be familiar with Java.

Java is a programming language which is used to build lots of complex applications and websites. Java has many editions for a variety of use cases and environments. Java(SE) Standard Edition suffices all the test automation needs and more. So how much Java should a tester know to automate applications comfortably using Selenium ? Based on my experience, I have listed the Java topics you need to be familiar to understand Selenium well and write robust automation scripts using Java.

  • OOPS concepts – Class, Objects Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation
  • Java essentials- Variables, Methods, Members, Object Instances, Constructors, Constructor overloading/overriding, Method overloading/overriding,packages
  • Control/Looping Statements – for, foreach,while, do-while, switch, if-else statements
  • Type definition blocks - Class type, Interface type,Enum type, Annotation type
  • TypeCasting - Primitive, Derived typecasting
  • Access Specifiers-Private, Default,Protected,Public
  • Important Classes - Object class, String class, StringBuilder class, StringBuffer class
  • Arrays
  • Java Collections Framework – ArrayLists and HashMaps
  • File Streams – to read/write data to CSV, Excel or Java Properties file
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Generics
  • JDBC
  • Threads and MultiThreading Concepts

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