Maven-shade-plugin is better than maven-assembly plugin

15 April, 2016
Recently I wanted to create am executable jar with all its dependencies. I started using maven assembly plugin to create jar with its dependencies but it was overwriting files with same name.

How to create Runnable JAR using Maven?

08 April, 2016
Many times we need to create a runnable jar using maven. So that we can run the application as below.

java -jar MyApp.jar

This can be achieved using 2 different ways as far as I have learnt.
1.Using "maven-shade-plugin" Plugin of Maven
2.Using "maven-jar-plugin" Plugin of Maven

How to create Java+Spring+Cucumber-jvm based "executable.jar" with all required Dependencies, Properties and Resources using Maven-shade-plugin?

07 April, 2016
Recently I had to create a jar file of the cucumber-jvm project with all the dependent libraries bundled into it. The biggest advantage of creating jar file like this is it can be distributed to anyone in the team (like BAs) who can run the tests from their machines without having the project to be installed.

How to Embed screenshots in Cucumber JVM

15 December, 2015
I wanted to embed the screenshot to the cucumber report whenever a test fails. The Cucumber JVM implementation highly simplifies this task. We can use the Execution Hooks to make this generic to all the tests.


11 November, 2015
Add Google Guava in your classpath. This is where the class lives.

How to Embed / Attach screenshots when each step is executed in Cucumber-JVM

30 September, 2015
Recently I had to take several screenshots after each Step in executed and embed them in the results. As there is no out of the box way of doing this, I used the combination of listeners provided by Cucumber-jvm Formatter and Reporter Interface.